Application Criteria:

Unless otherwise stated, candidates must be students attending, or enrolled to attend college, university or a similar educational establishment on a full or part time basis with a view to seeking permanent full time employment in commercial or production horticulture on completion of their course within the UK.

Candidates are advised to highlight their talent, as evidenced by grades achieved, tutor assessments and work experience.


Award? £1,000 study support payment.

Who should apply? Any students studying horticulture. Preference will however be given to candidates who have an interest in ornamental commercial horticulture, especially with an emphasis on the bedding, container, pot plant and cut flower sectors.

Number of scholarships available? Five per year.

Who is the sponsor? David Colegrave Foundation



Sponsored Scholarships

Award? £1,500 study support payment.

Who should apply? Any student studying any aspect of commercial or production horticulture.

Number of scholarships available? One per year.

Who is the sponsor? South West Growers Show, the South West’s leading trade show for commercial horticulture.



Award? £1,500 to encourage the development of important skills in R&D such as plant breeding, biotechnology and seed technology. A work experience opportunity at Floranova will also be made available.

Who should apply? Students with proven merit who are keen to pursue a research career in the horticultural industry.

Number of scholarships available? One per year.

Who is the sponsor? Floranova, Britain’s only remaining flower seed breeding company.



Award? Up to £1,500 to fund travel to Europe in order to develop knowledge and experience in bedding plant production and marketing.

Who should apply? An employee in the early stages of their career at a commercial bedding plant nursery, or a student studying horticulture with an interest in commercial bedding plants.

Number of scholarships available? One per year.

Who is the sponsor? Ball Colegrave, the UK’s leading distributor of seed and young plants to commercial growers.



Award? £1,000 to support one or more students.

Who should apply? Students studying commercial horticulture. The scholarship is also available to schools and horticultural colleges to finance trips for students over 16 years of age to leading commercial horticultural establishments.

Number of scholarships available? One or more per year.

Who is the sponsor? The British Protected Ornamentals Association, a trade association for the producers of ornamental pot and bedding plants, and Peter Seabrook, DCF Trustee and well-known horticultural writer and broadcaster.


Foundation scholarship

Award? $4,500 for the opportunity to organise a work placement in a horticultural business in the US/Canada.

Who should apply? Current or recent horticultural students.

Number of scholarships available? One in 2017. Applications open Sep 2017, for travel in the Summer of 2018.

Who is the sponsor? The Scholarship is presented as a joint award from DCF and the American Floral Endowment (AFE), US. The two charities combine their services to support the development of the ornamental horticulture and floriculture industry through scholarships. It is funded by cooperation between the Ed Markham Scholarship Fund and the David Colegrave Foundation in honor of Ed Markham and David Colegrave.

Ed Markham was an international horticulturist. He began a career in horticulture sales after graduating from the Horticulture Department at Cornell University in 1942. Ed’s interest in providing scholarship funds to study marketing through international travel stemmed from his first trip abroad in the early 1960s. The Markham-Colegrave International Scholarship operates in cooperation with the David Colegrave Foundation.

Additional information:

This scholarship works as an annual exchange programme between the UK and US/Canada. Each year there will be an exchange of students between the U.S. and Europe, alternating between the two countries. Applicants may already have a business in mind when applying, though support will be provided to identify suitable businesses for the applicant's specific skills and interests should his/her application be successful. Support for students in obtaining necessary work permits, travel plans and identifying accommodation etc. will be provided by both the David Colegrave Foundation and The Ed Markham Scholarship Fund.

UK students should apply for this scholarship between Sep 2015 - Jan 2016, and plan for travel that in the summer of 2016.



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